Mondo NuVinci: CVT for bikes

It's being hailed as the first Continuously Variable Transmission that's light enough, and reliable enough for use on bicycles. If you call 4.2 kg light!

They're calling it a CVP or Continuously Variable Planetary Transmission.

The NuVinci transmission

The 350% range beats most 8 speed internally geared hubs, but is still a long way behind the range provided by a Rolhoff. It's equivalent to an 11-38 cassette.

The manufacturer expects the price to "be competitive with internally geared hubs currently on the market". I expect that means closer to Rohloff than Nexus.

For small wheels, the large flanges (150mm) present a challenge, with short spokes and big angles. I'm not a wheel builder, but I it looks like it's feasible.

The review on Bikehugger

The manufacturers site

Continuously Variable Transmission on Wikipedia

One thought on “Mondo NuVinci: CVT for bikes”

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