Moulton on Savile Row

Moulton Savile Row Shop Window

A Moulton SPEED has found an illustrious By Royal Appointment host this August in Savile Row, London. Surrounded by luxurious cashmere, and unique Dege and Skinner designs, the bicycle is taking centre stage in the bespoke tailor's shop window in the heart of Mayfair's "golden mile of tailoring". The Moulton SPEED, in aero-graded stainless steel, fits hand in glove with Dege and Skinner's pictured creations, being a fine example of British engineering and beautiful design. One for the album!

via MOULTON Bicycle Company.

Update 24th August 2011: Thanks also to David Wilson for the extra pictures.

4 thoughts on “Moulton on Savile Row”

  1. For full effect think the tyres might benefit from a little more inflation, especially if you were wearing a suit.

  2. Oh and what is that cable doing hanging loose on the top of the frame, All in all a pretty sloppy display piece for Moulton BC?

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