The Bridgestone Moulton is manufactured by the Bridgestone company in Japan since the year 2000.

It is similar in style to the original F-frame Moultons, built with modern componentry and construction methods. The frame is made of welded extruded aluminium tubes.

The design features all of the essential Moulton characteristics - step through frame, small wheels (in this case 17 inch), suspension front and rear, optional frame separability.
Bridgestone engaged Dr Alex Moulton as a consultant to design the bicycle and they sell it under licence. Dr Moulton himself owns a Bridgestone Moulton and has frequently been seen riding it, as shown below.


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  • 11 thoughts on “Bridgestone”

    1. Dear Sir,

      I live in HK and recently brought a 10-year-old Bridgestone Moulton [S18 (53T/42T x 9T-26T), white body black ‘legs’]. It is a beauty and still functional but many parts obviously need replacement, especially the tires. Would you mind advising on specifications of the tire (? 17″ x 1.25) and the resources that I may get spare parts? Thank you very much for your help!

    2. The Bridgestone models are fitted with 17 inch tyres, probably 17×1 1/4. The most fool proof way of selecting the correct tyre is to look for ETRTRO 369mm tyres. The widths available vary from one manufacturer to the next, but are likely to be between 28mm and 32mm, i.e. 28-369 or 32-369.

      Your best bet is to contact your local Moulton dealer to see what is currently available.

    3. There is no Moultonbicycles dealer in Danemark; I need have som tyres No: 17x 1 1/4 (32-369)
      There are en good condition yet, but I would like to be sure and buy 2 pieces and 2 inside slange who’s passing with, to be sure.

      I will be very happy for your help.

    4. Talking about wheels and tyre for Bridgestone Moulton. Does any know what size hub does Bridgestone have front and back. Is it 70/130 or 100/130. I have a complete wheel set from AM-20-2. Will they fit ? I will be procession of the BSM frame soon and want to get the component ready.

    5. Hello,
      I have a bit of movement on the back forks of my Bridgestone Moulton.
      It seems like the bush on my rear suspension needs replacing.
      Can you advise where I can buy this part?

      1. Hi,
        I suggest that you contact the Moulton Bicycle Company (01225 865895).
        Bridgestone Moultons were built by them from components imported from Japan.
        They may stock the bushes or be able to get them from Japan.
        Aynsley Brown

    6. Good afternoon,my Bridgeston Moulton which I bought used about 10 years ago has the frame number:
      Can you please tell me what it refers to?
      Thank You

    7. Hi,
      I have a separable red Bridgestone Moulton. Unfortunately the factory paintwork has a few stone chips would anybody know the name of the red or ideally a paint code.

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