Mouton Mk III

The Moulton Mk III was launched by Raleigh in 1970, alongside the Raleigh Chopper, and the RSW Mk III.

The Mk III, featured a rear suspension triangle, of the type common today, and a 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub, with drum brake. Unlike the Series 1 and Series 2, there was only one model in the range, available in 3 colours - white, blue and red. A rear carrier rack was fitted as standard, but there was no provision for a front rack.

The Mk III featured a shorter wheelbase than the earlier models.

The runaway commercial success of the Chopper, despite being an inferior bicycle, eventually led to Raleigh dropping the Moulton range altogether in 1974.

Mk III models are still quite popular with Moulton enthusiasts. At least 5000 were made, and while this is only a fraction of the number of Series 1 and 2 machines that were build, they are relatively easy to find, though it can be difficult to find one in good condition at a decent price.

They do have some intricacies, such as Raleigh's proprietary bottom bracket (wider than standard, and threaded 26tpi), and lack of a mount for a rear caliper brake.

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    1. Hi,

      We have a Moulton with a Sturmey 3 Speed Hub and a 1973 Stamp on the SA Hub. It looks like the bike has been resprayed and has no front suspension. Also it looks like the rear rack has been chopped off leaving just the rear triangle. We think after some research that it may be a Moulton Minx. Could you give us any more info on the Minx than we have so far found online ??
      Many thanks

    2. Any ideas on the correct shade of a white 1970 Mark 3?

      I’ve completed the mechanical restoration of my cycle, but need to touch up the paintwork. I can’t seem to locate a paint code or shade, and I want to keep ‘Dorrie’ as original as possible.

      Any help would be gratefully received.

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