New Series

The New Series was launched in 1998, and is handbuilt in Bradford on Avon.


It is a further evolution of the Alex Moulton spaceframe bicycle, with a number of key features:

  • The front suspension is provided by Flexitor units, which are rubber in torsion, bonded to metal. They virtually eliminate friction, provide long life and zero maintenance, as well as isolating the rider from high frequency road shock.
  • The rear suspension is fluid damped rubber, which is adjustable. The rear pivot is a Flexitor giving frictionless, maintenance free pivoting.
    The front suspension linkage is designed to minimize dive under braking.
  • A Unified Rear Triangle, eliminates the tendency of pedalling to induce suspension movement.
  • The frame can be separated into two halves, in common with the AM. However, it can be further separated into 4 sections (by removing the front fork, complete with wheel, and the rear triangle, complete with cranks and rear wheel) for more compact transportation.
  • The Moulton designed adjustable stem offers a large degree of adjustment, and can be used with the Moulton Mosquito handlebars, or conventional handlebars.
  • A choice of large platform rack, or smaller day rack for carrying luggage.
  • The New Series uses narrow section 406mm tyres.

The New Series has been further developed to create the Pylon and Double Pylon, which feature a spaceframe structure replacing the seatpost and head tube, reducing weight, and offering exceptional torsional stiffness.

The Double Pylon is the lightest available Moulton Bicycle.

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