Club Regalia

New Moulton Bicycle Club Regalia Range

Moulton Bicycle Club
A new and more extensive range of regalia has been designed and sourced. Items are available for purchase at the April and September club events at Bradford On Avon, or can be purchased via mail-order.

To order items or to inquire about availability or pricing, please contact Email:


The new logo range now consists of:

  • Relaxed touring fit club cycle shirts
  • Various design Tee shirts
  • Christmas card range
  • Club logo frame stickers
  • Hand crafted wire model F frame bikes
  • Workshop aprons
  • Baseball caps
  • Winter hats
  • Porcelain picture mugs

Pictures of some of the Regalia range are below.

Craig Elliott

Regalia Secretary, Moulton Bicycle Club

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  • 10 thoughts on “Club Regalia

    1. Thorsten and Pia Klein

      Hello Craig,

      the new range of regalia sounds amazing.

      Do you have some pictures somewhere on the net?

      Bye, Thorsten

    2. Richard Wood

      I’d like to purchase a number of regalia items (shirt, mug, frame stickers and bells) – grateful for details of prices (inc P&P) and contact details.

      Many thanks

    3. Richard Wood

      would like to order items of regalia Inc. 2x bells (one black, one silver) and 2 frame stickers – grateful for details of postage cost and how to make payment – current ( issue 93) doesn’t help and my previous request hasn’t been successful either. As usual, unable to make it to BoA this year, so would appreciate a response for a mail order. Many thanks. Richard.

    4. Profile photo of MikeMike

      Have tried using the email contact shown here and the different one shown in the magazine.

      Zero response so far. Are my order requests going into your spam folder? Have resent emails again today.


    5. Profile photo of MikeMike

      Is Moulton regalia is only available to those who make the pilgrimage to Bradford on Avon in April and September?

      There seems no real possibility to obtain Moulton regalia via mail order.

      No response to emails then after contact, waiting weeks and still no response.

      1. Profile photo of adminadmin Post author

        Mike, sorry that you have not had a response. I notice that Craig’s email address in The Moultoneer is, but this page had been using his Yahoo address. I have updated the page with the new address. I contacted Craig to clarify the address and to ask him to check his spam folder for your email. Hopefully, you will receive a response soon.


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