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  1. Dear Moulton Bicycle Club,

    Our family bought a Moulton bike in London in about 1966.

    We are really satisfied with it.
    I still like to use it, but I could not buy tires for it.
    The ones on it are old (they are crackled), so I have to change them.

    The size written on the tires is: 16 1 1/4 400 x 32A.

    What do you suggest me to do?
    If you send me your E-mail address I send this E-mail to you with pictoure of my bike.

    Thanking in advance:
    Gabor Sas

  2. Hello Gabor,
    Am I the first person to reply to you via this website?
    I’m sorry if I am the first.
    It is because this website is a new forum for Club Members to use and we are not used to it.
    Please email your picture to me and I will see if I can help you to get new tyres.
    Could you please look at your tyres to see if they also have ‘369 – 32’ marked on them.
    Best Regards,
    Aynsley Brown

      1. I’ll be your Qld Branch member. 😀
        Am on the Gold Coast. Bought my first Moulton, an AM7 which I still have and ride, in 1984. Have an old MkII F frame which was made in UK but assembled under licence by Malvern Star in 1964 or so. Also have a TSR 30 which is what I ride around the Gold Coast these days to turn heads.
        I have a feeling there are a few riders around in Oz, but not a lot!

  3. Last year we started the Moulton Club Nederland-Belgie-Duitsland. It started in the Netherlands, but given the low amount of Moultons in Holland, members from Belgium and Germany (and further away, if Holland is not too far for you) are also welcome to join in our activities. Our goal is to organise two Moulton tours in a year. The activities can be followed in the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1069354929793984/ .

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