New Moulton Book


Read the story behind the Moulton Bicycle Club and of its founder Daved Sanders. He has ridden Moulton bicycles for more than 40 years and now tells of his life on tiny tyres.

Learn of the special Moulton MkIII built for him in 1976, ridden for more than 100,000 miles including Audax rides and holidays abroad. From Paris to Harrogate, across the Alps, in Spain, in Madeira and on honeymoon in Portugal.

In sleet and snow in the Alps during summertime. Of a high speed puncture with more than 80 holes. Escaping the antlers of deer in Austria and battling the weather on the 1978 Centenary Ride from Paris to Harrogate.

Photographs of MkIV, S Speed and many more selected from his archive of photographs and documents – never before seen.

Read the First Issue of the Club magazine – The Moulton Cyclist.

A4 Softback 138 pages
More than 120 colour photographs – and more illustrations
ISBN : 978-0-9926217-0-4

Signed Copies available in Pelikan ‘Ink of the Year 2013’ Order your copy today – limited availability
£70 UK Post Free


Send Cheque to Daved Sanders, Stable Cottage, Whitton Court, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 AB
Overseas – email for Paypal Invoice to be sent

Moulton in Kyoto | Rapha

Rapha’s Aodhan O’Shea writes:

With the heart of the city distant and buses infrequent it was my bicycle, a rusty Moulton AM5, which gave me my connection to this strange place. It was this bicycle that allowed me to truly discover Kyoto, far more than any other method of transportation.

via Kyoto | Rapha.

BoA 2013 – post your entry form today!

The club weekend at Bradford on Avon is fast approaching.

It takes a lot of volunteer effort to run this weekend. The organisers would greatly appreciate if you could send your application in NOW! Leaving it to the last minute only adds to the stress of running this wonderful event.

Don’t delay, send it in today!

The form was posted with issue 100 of The Moultoneer. Alternatively, download a copy here… BoA Application Form 2013

More details are on page 40 and 41 of Moultoneer 100 or view this PDF extract

Quirky Bike With an Auto Pedigree –

How did the original Mini automobile get to be so mini? Historians generally credit the clever engineering and design concepts of Sir Alec Issigonis of the British Motor Corporation.

But Sir Alec had help.

It was Alex Moulton, an inventor, an engineer with the Bristol Aeroplane Company and Sir Alec’s friend, who designed the car’s innovative suspension system — a combination of conical rubber springs and small wheels — that contributed to its highly efficient packaging and lively handling.

Fifty years ago, Mr. Moulton (who died last year) transferred his expertise to bicycles, and the Moulton Bicycle Company still sells handbuilt bikes internationally. Moulton bikes are distinctive because of their automotive-based technology: front and rear suspension systems, small wheels and high-pressure tires that Mr. Moulton developed with Dunlop. A compact, proprietary frame made it easier for bicyclists to get on and off, compared with the traditional diamond design, and to transport.

Moulton bikes were ubiquitous in Britain in the 1960s, but they are rare on American roads. The company maintains a dealer network in the United States, however, and I took a spin on one at Harris Cyclery in West Newton, Mass. The bike was comfortable, thanks to its bump-absorbing rubber-cone suspension, and handled curves very well.

Prices range from just under $2,000 to nearly $14,000 with a stainless steel frame.

via Quirky Bike With an Auto Pedigree –