Moulton Monopoly Ride ~ 30th July 2016

Thank you to all the intrepid Moultoneers who made the trip to London for our Monopoly Ride.

17 made it from a far and wide geographical area. Manchester to Dorset and points in between. One brave soul made a 2 hour cycle ride from the outskirts of Surrey to be with us and one Moultoneer from not 1/4 mile away from our meeting point.

After registration for CTC insurance cover we set off in to the already heavily congested roads.

Our Monopoly Ride rule was the first rider to see and call our designation point and seen by another would be good enough. The London Prudential Cycle Weekend was having quite an effect around the closed roads routes with Tower Bridge suffering horrific traffic jams. We on our Moultons managed to nip in and out of the trouble with very little delay, if any, on our way down to the Old Kent Road. We were lucky that I remembered that the Tower of London itself is in fact a genuine prison and still has the capability of being used as such. More notable recent prisoners held there was Rudolph Hess in 1941 also Ronnie & Reggie Kray in 1952 .

We trundled along the embankment, ticking off places on the board as we passed. The entire Embankment was given over to cyclists and we rode in a huge peloton. Kids on tricycles, mums on Dutch bikes, hipsters on fixies and Lycra warriors on carbon stealth-like machines. Bromptons were in attendance by the 1000, I kid you not! If I had a £ for every Brompton I saw I would have had enough to buy a Moulton !

We were zig-zagging off route to cover a good number of points on our Monopoly board , we took lunch at St Paul's Cathedral cycle zone ...moving off from there we moved on to Leadenhall Market where frame-building exhibitions and leather cycle luggage were showing their wares.... Time was getting on and our group of riders had begun to thin out ... One puncture during the day didn't dampen our quest but time and 1,000s upon 1,000s of other cyclists and road closures beat our goal .... Nonetheless, the social aspect was well worth every pedal stroke ... I know many people in the Club but I can now claim to have met even more through this ride, ... Planning is quite simple, we all have the same aim and each rider on a Moulton ride supports each other , rides can be fast or slow (mine are very slow and more of a social event!) ....I plan to organise a London ride ever year of some description ... We could join the London Bridges Ride or even the Midnight Ride. Thanks all for coming ..... I'll keep you posted ...... Craig Elliott.


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Monopoly Ride ~ A participant’s view.

‘Didn’t we have a lovely day, the day we went to London!'

It’s the small things that make a ride memorable.

At the start of the Monopoly Ride, Craig gave every participant five beautiful designed Moulton frame stickers. (Clearly the Pearly Gates will hold no barrier to Craig!). An unexpected and thoughtful gesture that put everyone in a positive frame of mind.

Seventeen riders took in all the sights of our capital city, be it that they were focused on the Monopoly board.

Great fun and enjoyment was had by all.

Craig gave a running commentary regarding points of interest –about historic London sites or the areas of the Monopoly board we were passing through. The only slight drawback was that we were joined by another 70,000 plus cyclists on something called ‘Prudential Ride London.’ What a cheek!

I hope our ride insurance covered this! Steering seventeen riders though the masses, proved problematic but Craig rose to the challenge admirably.

It’s not just the riding that makes participation so good but also the like-minded banter regarding all things Moulton that makes the day.

What did all this fun and enjoyment for seventeen Moultoneers, organised by Craig, involve?

Some pre-planning of the route, advertising on the club website, locating suitable break stops, ensuring club insurance cover and a prayer for good weather. A small undertaking that gives such pleasure to others. Why don’t you join a ride or better still, if you have an idea for a ride, don’t hold back – go for it!

Robert McCann

Moulton Monopoly Ride ~ Saturday 30th July 2016

Just over a day until the London Monopoly ride, meeting at Liverpool Street Station concourse between Costa Coffee and Boots 10am for a 10.30 start. ..
Visit all the places on the London Monopoly board! Plenty of photo and refreshment opportunities! Enjoy a picnic lunch! Ride length is about 15 miles.

For further info contact Craig Elliott on 07941218829 or

Update to Chorlton Water Ride on Sun 24th (was 17th) July 10:30 am.

Hi All,
Just tried the route for later on this month, starting from Chorlton Water Park’s car park (Maitland Avenue, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 7HW ) departing at 10:30 we are off to Media City and then picking up the N55 route along a disused rail line towards Bolton then on to Nob End (yes, really!) a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), down to Ringley to The Horseshoe, a really nice pub for lunch, then along the N6 Irwell Valley back through Salford to Manchester. I suspect we will be back in Chorlton Water Park by 3:30/4:00. Numerous photo opportunities throughout the day, lets hope the weather is good for cycling.

There is a lot of traffic free trails, short sections of main & minor roads, canal tow paths, cobbled streets, a short muddy section. I’ve just ridden it on my TSR 9, 35 miles in all. Can’t deny there are a few hilly bits both up & down - make sure your brakes work well as we will be on the new cycle provision through the curry mile in Rusholme (south Manchester) where the locals don’t currently understand cycle lanes; where they stand acting like bollards or use the cycle lane for overtaking with baby buggies etc.

Hope to see you at the start point - if you are coming please let me know.

Mark Taylor  Email:


Moulton Monopoly Ride ~ Saturday July 30th 2016

The Moulton Monopoly ride will take place on Saturday July 30th 2016 .

We will depart at 10.30 from Liverpool Street  Station,  London and visit all the points on the London Monopoly board , surprisingly only about 15 miles in distance.

This will be a very social ride with many tea and cake stops, photo opportunities and a picnic lunch .

We will take our route from GPS systems...

Please indicate interest to help with planning by emailing

Thanks ...