A level ride on the Cheshire Plain

Six Gentlemen choose a level ride on the Cheshire Plain

Six Moultoneers, with a 1964 De Luxe, three TSRs and two New Series, assembled at Mobberley Railway Station for a ride through Cheshire in glorious Autumn sunshine. The ride briefing being slightly hampered by the deafening noise of aircraft taking off from Manchester Airport.

At first sight it appeared that the local residents, a little troubled by drink, had come out to welcome the Moulton Club, and one seemed so shocked to see six Moultons together that he fell from a tree, but it soon became obvious that a wonderful local Scare Crow event lined the first few miles of the ride.

The route southwards mostly followed quiet lanes, with the first few miles cooled by a southerly breeze. After passing a recently closed rural pub the route went through the extensive David Lewis Centre complex. The first stop was to investigate the state of the derelict listed building of Bate Mill, in a delightful sheltered hamlet. The old water wheel remained in place, but sadly not working.

After ascending a short incline, the next stop was for refreshment at the Cafe adjacent to the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope. Mobile Telephones were duly switched off as instructed by numerous signs on entering the site. A Bike Shed for visitors was a welcome feature and other cyclists seemed to make up the majority of the morning customers.

A few miles of minor roads, and a bridleway through the Peover Hall Estate, took the party to the wide avenues on the outskirts of Knutsford. The variety of domestic building styles and the size of some of the recently built properties prompted discussions on the differences in individual tastes. The high walls and gates and security guards patrolling in vans were noted. Further on there was an entertaining collection of century old Italianate homes designed by Richard Harding Watt, including one that had featured as a Shanghai residence in the 1987 film Empire of the Sun.

An excellent lunch was taken in a cafe in Knutsford housing a collection of around 60 Penny Farthings, where free tea was available for any Penny Farthing riders. Locally brewed beer was served.

Suitably refreshed the party set off through the grounds of Tatton Park with the following wind making for a pleasant easy ride. Notices warned the party to keep clear of rutting stags.

At Ashley the group divided, with those cycling home towards Manchester making their way separately from those returning to Mobberley. It was a pleasant 26 mile rural ride, with no punctures or incidents to report.

Five gentlemen attempt some hilly country

Golcar, once a weaving village now the outer suburb of Huddersfield, was our starting point. The only way in or out of Golcar is a hill, so we were soon climbing quite steeply, out onto the moorland within 3 miles, joining the A640 which has little traffic. We stopped at Buckstone to admire the misty view, on a clear day with the right wind condition, this is a favourite spot for paragliding - but not today.

Over Saddleworth Moor and the long descent down to Denshaw. A short dogleg got us onto Wham Road and narrow lanes, known as Heights, for obvious reasons. Our destination was the 250 year old stone pub Th’Heights, the quintessential moorland pub, hard of access, next to the church which, as it is Heritage day, was miraculously open.
Suitably fortified we descended the precipitously steep road to the edge of Delph. So in one mile we were sitting for our next beer, thirsty work is cycling in t’hills. A rather slow lunch, speedy service is not a speciality of The White Lion.
Round the other side of the pub we found another climb which took us up onto the A62. For us locals it’s Yorkshire flat, for the offcumdons from the East it’s another hill. By now the mist had burnt off.
At the top, where the Pennine way crosses, we were all assured that from now until near the end neither hills nor Yorkshire flat will be found. We sped down hill and took a very sharp left to Standedge and Tunnel End where the Huddersfield canal goes under, for 3-4 miles, the hill we just descended.
After a general look around, we set off along the canal on what must be the prettiest canal path in UK.
With its countless locks, the descent is quite steep for 5 miles. We stopped in Slaithwaite for the Handmade Bakery, surely England’s best, where they are running a course on bread made with wild yeast. Back along the towpath.

We took the decision to take the optional route, carrying then pushing the bikes up through the steep woods and Ginnels, a precipitous ascent in a very short distance to be back in Golcar for tea, coffee and cakes.

In total we climbed 2660 feet in a 26 mile ride

BoA Weekend 2014

Fifty Year Flashback ~ The Spirit of  '64
On Saturday, 30th August, from 2.30pm onwards, Club President Tony Hadland will be hosting the live event in the courtyard, the "Spirit of 64" session.

If you have a 1964 Moulton , in any condition, from the following list, please bring it along for Tony to show and talk about.
  • Demonstrator
  • Continental
  • Standard
  • Deluxe
  • Safari
  • Speed (red M4 model)
  • Stowaway
  • S Deluxe
  • S Safari
  • S Stowaway
(The New Look versions, the Triangs and the 14-inch wheel Mini variants had not yet appeared!)
If possible, please wear something from 'The Swinging Sixties' !!