Moulton Bicycle firm secures £500,000 deal with China | Bath Chronicle

The iconic Moulton bicycle company is set to be among the first to benefit from Britain’s huge business deal secured with China.

Business deals worth a total of £5.6 billion and creating 1,500 jobs in the UK were struck during the first day of Prime Minister David Cameron visit to the country.

Moulton, which builds full-suspension bikes by hand in Bradford on Avon, has signed a £500,000 contract with the Chinese.

The company has signed a deal to supply a special model of the Moulton bicycle which will only go on sale in China.

Dr Alex Moulton CBE, The man who designed the iconic Moulton bicycle, died a year ago.

via Moulton Bicycle firm secures £500,000 deal with China | Bath Chronicle.

Death of Peter Roberts

Club Treasurer 1999 to 2013


Peter Roberts, a Club Member since 1993, died recently at the Gloucestershire Royal Infirmary after a short illness. He was 84.

Peter served as Treasurer of the Moulton Bicycle Club from 1999 to 2013. He had a positive, kindly influence on the workings of the Club Committee and was a steadying hand on the financial helm.

We are extremely grateful for all his work over the past 14 years and are very thankful to his daughter Catherine for her help in continuing with the Treasurer role.

Moulton Bicycle Club has a New President

Tony Hadland has graciously agreed to be the Club’s new President.

Having written two definitive books about the Moulton Bicycle, he has an encyclopaedic knowledge about the machines we cherish and the UK bicycle industry in general.

Many Members will remember that Tony was the first Editor of The Moultoneer. He was Editor for three separate terms of office!

In his writings on the world of bicycling, has been a strong advocate of the Moulton philosophy.

He has been a central welcoming face at many past BoAs. His knowledge of Moulton bicycles was heavily relied upon by Alex Moulton at the Saturday afternoon courtyard gatherings where AM would talk about the many different models being shown by their owners.

Tony was the Master of Ceremonies at the 50th Anniversary of the launch of the Moulton Bicycle and also was nominated by Alex to give a eulogy about AM’s achievements in the bicycle world at his funeral.

As the Club moves into a new, post- AM, era, we look forward to a long and happy association with Tony.