This section of the site will contain information on touring with a Moulton bicycle.


Moulton Bicycles are ideally suited to touring, having excellent load carrying capacity, integral to the design. The load can be carried on the centre line of the bicycle, and lower to the ground, enhancing the stability and handling.

In May 2010, I completed a six-day tour in the Cevennes mountains in France. This was an unsupported tour - we carried everything we needed, including tents, sleeping bags, and cooking equipment. Most days, we carried all of our food for the day too.

See details of the tour here, including photos and the daily routes, including interactive maps with distances and elevations.

Read also about Jack Thurston's tour from Montreal to New York City and Alan Ponsford's Lands End to John O'Groats

See also George Coulouris' touring pages which feature several tours on a custom built, Moulton APB tandem, including a 2010 trip to Northern Ireland.

Phil Prosser has a detailed account of a Moulton tour in South Africa. Read his report The Overberg and Whale Coast, South Africa

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