Two Little Wheels to Paris

Andy Morris is riding from London to Paris, on a Moulton TSR, to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society.

In September 2010 I will be riding 300 miles from London to Paris to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society. But things are never that straight forward - I will be riding my distinctive Moulton bicycle, immediately recognizable by its little wheels.Genius or lunacy? Stick around and find out. Follow my vlogs as I train and participate in this event.Donations large or small to the Alzheimers Society are all gratefully received, just use the address at the end of the video.Thank you for your support.

He has produced some cool videos showing the Moulton in all it's glory, including "It's not about the bike" shown below.

Follow Andy's ride on Facebook page, or on the Vimeo channel. You can donate to a worthy cause at

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Travels on a Moulton in the Cevennes

I recently completed a cycle camping tour in the Cevennes in France. The tour took 6 days and covered about 420km.

There were three of us in the group - one large wheeler, one Moulton TSR and my own Moulton APB.

We wild camped 4 nights, used a campsite 1 night, and stayed in a "Hutte" 1 night.

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View more details about the tour here

Colin Martin’s Green Bicycle Site

The website of Colin Martin, the legendary Moultoneer, who cycled from England to Australia in 1970, is back online at

Colin left England in 1970 on a custom built Moulton Marathon, with the intention of cycling round the world. While in Australia, his bike was stolen and he abandoned the trip and settled there.

Colin Martin's 1970 Ride From England To Australia

In 2002, he continued the trip on a green Moulton New Series, travelling across North America, and visiting England and Japan.

Colin Martin's 2002 Ride Across North America

Finally, in 2008, Colin travelled across Australia from the point where his Moulton Marathon had been stolen, to his home in Queensland, thus completing the round the world trip.

Colin's website,, which previously documented the 1970 and 2002 rides, was taken offline in 2009, to facilitate construction of a new site. However, Colin has made the original material available again at the new domain Read about the 1970 trip from England to Australia and the 2002 Trip Across America.

Colin Martin's Moulton Marathon in Afghanistan

I look forward to reading about the 2008 ride in due course!

Bicycle Specialties: A memorable ride in the Alps Part one

Moulton at Galibier

While at the Show we had an interesting meeting with Alex Moulton who was there promoting his recently introduced AM series of suspended small wheel bikes. It was an interesting meeting for Mike and I as we had been selling a lot of the AMs and had, up to that point, sold more than any other dealer in the World except one in Germany. We were very enthusiastic about the bikes but had one major criticism, that being that the range of gears available with its single chainring set-up wasn’t suitable for loaded touring, particularly in mountains. We had modified a number of them with brazed-on front derailleurs and double chainwheels and also painted a few in brighter, more appealing colours than the standard grey. In fact Ian Austen was riding a bright yellow AM modified with a wide range of gears. Dr Moulton thought we were ruining his bike design and we got into quite a heated argument. He contended that his standard seven gears were ample for any type of riding. I often wonder if he would have changed his mind if he had seen the terrain we were to ride over in the following few days.

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