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UK Residents

Annual Recurring Subscription (UK)

Click on this button if you are a UK resident (£22.50).


Annual Membership (Europe)

Click on this button if you are resident elsewhere in Europe (£25).

Rest of World

Yearly Membership (Rest of World)

Click on this button if you are resident outside of Europe (£30).

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  • 9 thoughts on “Paypal”

    1. When I click on the PayPal image near “Click here to Renew your membership for 1 year (Rest of World)” it goes to a page with an invoice for 20 Pounds. I’d like to pay for 5 years, per the small table on page 10 of Moultoneer Issue 100. How do I do that? Seems silly to pay this invoice 5 times in a row…

      Also, while I’m not complaining, it’s common to offer a slight discount for prepayment and the saving of future processing fees (and precious volunteer time).
      — Doug

    2. Hello there
      I cannot find one contact adress
      I did try to join using the paypal way , I received thereafter three notices from PPAl,
      one confirms the payment, second that there is an automatic annual payment renewal ,
      third that I modified the preferences concerning that automatic payment…
      Still the payment has been made, the MB Club stated sending one mail immediatly, which I did not get…
      that was yesterday

      1. There should have been two emails sent, the first was welcoming you to the club and was triggered by your paying through Paypal.

        The second email contained activation link, which was triggered when you created your account on this website. Emails are automatically sent within minutes, so if it doesn’t reach you in less than an hour, the most common cause it that they may be in your spam/junk folder. I just re-sent the activation email to you now.

        Hope this helps!

    3. “Paypal
      You are not currently a paid up member. Please renew your membership by clicking on one of the Paypal buttons below.”

      Really? So that £15 I paid last Thursday was for what…?

    4. Hi George
      there is indeed – an enthusiastic 60’s moulton owner, modifier and restorer, but principally rider. I currently have 7 in various states of repair inc a restored/modified duomatic I’m particularly fond of and a restored mini for my daughter (5speed hub). Anything I can do for the club? I starting. Microbrewery and have been in touch withCraig re pump lip design recently ( July 2024).


    5. A signed up for the Annual Renewable Paypal subscription last year. And my Paypal account says:
      16 Aug 2014 Recurring Payment To Moulton Bicycle Club Completed Details Recurring Payment To Moulton Bicycle Club 17R11165VK522020A -£15.00

      But this site says “You are not currently a paid up member. Please renew your membership by clicking on one of the Paypal buttons below.”



      1. Hi George, for some reason a different transaction id came from Paypal and it did not sync with your account. I have fixed this now. I am closing comments on this page, as public comments are not the appropriate place for membership queries. Email either the webmaster@ or membership@ addresses.

    Comments are closed.