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A printed version of these classifieds is also available in the UK for £1. Contact the Sales and Wants Coordinator:

Robert McCann
Sales and Wants Coordinator
Moulton Bicycle Club
38 Stuart Road
London SW19 8DH

Adverts can also be placed by post or email:


For advice on the value of your Moulton, contact the Sales and Wants coordinator, who will be happy to help wherever possible.


Most people are honest and are not trying to profiteer. It is up to you whether the bicycle is worth the asking price. You wouldn't want to be exploited, so don't try to exploit the seller. Both parties deserve a fair price.

Not all those advertising notify us when items have been sold. We can do nothing about this, and so some items advertised may no longer be available.

The Moulton Bicycle Club and its Officers take no responsibility for the accuracy of the descriptions provided or fulfillment of any contracts agreed between buyer and seller. All information is provided in good faith.

You should take all normal precautions in selling or buying items advertised here. The Club, its officers and the producers of this web page can take no responsibility for any events arising from items being included on this list.

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