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Established in 1980 to secure the future of the original Moulton Bicycle, Moulton Preservation is a non - profit voluntary group. We invest in making and sourcing essential Moulton parts to keep this iconic and beautiful bicycle on the road. There are no membership fees but we request return postage with any letters requiring a reply and donations of discovered, unwanted parts in any condition are always appreciated. Prices include postage, payable to “Michael Woolf” please, at 21 Cremorne Rd. London SW10 0NB. Overseas Moultoneers are advised to find local experts where possible and avoid the worsening postal service! We can only accept payment from overseas in GB£ cash sent by registered post, at your own risk.

Please enquire if there is a part you need that is not listed. It may be available in our fluctuating, used spares stock.


Nylon steering bearing (36 serrations for Ser. 1or 2, 24 serrations for Mk3) £10

Nylon smooth top bearing   (for Ser. 1,2 and Mk3) £7

All stainless pivot assembly ( as set above but with professionally made stainless bolt ) £37

Fork crown bellows retaining ring £5

NEW! Front fork bellows. Original style £20

Rear carrier support strut with adjustable screw foot £30

Cable guides: Authentic, white, series 2 type. Pop rivet to original frame holes. Kit includes rivets and instructions. £15 per pack.

Complete front forks with suspension. Fully serviced but not painted £65

Front fork blades and splined column only £35

Series One rear forks, aligned and re-brazed but not painted* from  £60


Series 1 & 2 fork realignment, brazing and pivot hole re-bore                                                                                                                           

Your damaged forks swapped for a repaired set sent by return £60

Your own pair worked on individually. * Return time, approx. 2-3 weeks £65

As above but we remove/refit the suspension for you, or we re-bore pivot holes £70

Front fork rebuilds. Suspension dismantled, cleaned, greased; rebuilt with new bearings £70

*Forks are very scarce. We will need your originals here, however damaged, for swap or to match correct dimensions.

Returned forks will not be painted and will show heat damage to paintwork if re-brazed. Front forks will be returned with a disclaimer note. We have not had forks fail after treatment here but with forks now 50 years old, we cannot be responsible for the future performance of the metal content.

Join the Moulton Bicycle Club!                                                                                                                               

£22.50 annually brings quality magazines, access to expert advice, entry to events at The Hall, Bradford on Avon - and the chance to meet remarkable machines and their people – and be a part of something unique, extraordinary and fun!

Join the club by clicking here

Many people work behind the scenes to produce and supply Moulton Preservation. Some have been with us since the beginning in 1980, literally hand-making the essential parts we all need.

I would like to acknowledge the support of Robert McCann, Julian Kowalewski, Aynsley Brown, Paul Cooper, Paul Grogan, Paul Butterfield, Tom Esslemont, Steve Parry, Gary Hall and Zoe Martin, without whom, we could not offer you this service.

Moulton Preservation has enjoyed a long friendship with Alex Moulton and collaborates with The Moulton Bicycle Company and Moulton Bicycle Club. However, we retain total independence.

Michael Woolf



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    1. Hello there, I have a 1964 moulton 3 speed that i am restoring , however i am wanting some rear forks complete with suspension , , to complete my moulton , i understand that i can send my old ones and get a replacement ? , thank you , kind regards stephen

    2. Hello
      I am restoring a 60’s four speed Moulton Deluxe and would like to fit new seat tube as for a very tall rider the original is a little short. What is the exact diameter needed to fit. I reckon it is around the 26mm mark but do not have a micrometer to measure! Many thanks.

    3. I want to restore my wife’s Mark 3. I’m not sure yet which parts will need replacing – chain wheel, wheels probably – but would like to know where to begin looking. To start with the frame will need to be re-enamelled.

    4. Hi there, I am wanting to find out more about your front fork rebuild service. Is there a phone number I can have to discuss this further?

    5. I have a 1972 Moulton, used but complete, 4 speed hub, for sale here in northern Ohio, 419 358 1492, 159
      Sunset Drive, Bluffton OH 45817

    6. Hi, do you do any spares for the Mini. I cannot find out much information or any websites that cater for this Moulton.

    7. Good Day Michael, I own a TSR, i would like to get some spare of Allen key bolts for my bike esp front fork. Any guide?

      Urgent & cheers,

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