Holy Versatile, Batman

The following are short clips from the 1960's TV show, Batman.

All feature a Moulton Stowaway model which Alfred, the butler has styled the "Alfcycle".

In "The Jokers Provokers", we see the Stowaway with original front and rear racks and bags. Alfred demonstrates that he has created a two way radio for communication with the Batmobile. Batman is impressed!

Later in the same episode, Alfred uses the Alfradio on his Alfcycle to make contact with Batman. The Stowaway survives the mayhem without a scratch!.

In "Come Back Shame", the portability of the Stowaway is showcased when it is transported, separated, in the sidecar of the Batbike. Batman helps Alfred reassemble the Alfbike, and takes off, a little less gracefully than in the previous clip.

In "The Catwoman Goeth", Batman has some transportation issues, and in so solving, Alfred demonstrates the load carrying capability of the Stowaway.

3 thoughts on “Holy Versatile, Batman”

  1. Makes you wonder, if Alfred Pennyworth was Dr. Moultons butler, before he was employed by Bruce Wayne .

  2. Notice the break in “The Catwoman Goeth”, after the Moultons front gets attached.
    In the real world they first would have had to tighten the bolt that holds the two Parts before Alfred could take off on his mount.

  3. Looks like Dr. Moulton was an expert in product placement long before it became mainstream in Hollywood.

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