Moulton Bicycle Club

The Moulton Bicycle Club was formed in 1975 for those who use and appreciate Moulton bicycles. Membership of the Club stands at over 700 members and includes enthusiasts in 20 countries.

Each year there is a major weekend event at the home of Dr Moulton and the Moulton bicycle in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, and it is attended by members from far and wide. Members also organise meetings and rides in other parts of the UK and much further afield.

So if you are the owner of any of the Moulton bicycles, or have an interest in these classic pieces of bicycle engineering, please join what is probably the largest single-brand bicycle club around - the Moulton Bicycle Club.

Membership is exceptionally good value, costing just £15 if you live in the UK, £17 in Europe and £20 elsewhere.

Membership of the Moulton Bicycle Club brings you the following benefits:

  • Our magazine The Moultoneer, which is normally published three times a year, and contains around 40 pages of articles on Moulton news, history, renovation, touring and competition.
  • Access to the members areas on this website, from which you can download PDFs of past Moultoneers.
  • Technical advice through the magazine, other members, or the Club's Technical Adviser.
  • Access to parts for original Moultons through Moulton Preservation, or items from members of the Club.
  • Access to the Sales and Wants list, which is available to members for a small fee, and which is regularly updated.
  • The opportunity to attend events organised by members throughout the year
  • The opportunity to attend the annual meeting and ride, held at Bradford on Avon, home of Moulton Bicycles and Dr Alex Moulton, in September each year. There is also an annual dinner on the Saturday evening of the weekend meeting, open to members subject to booking beforehand and paying the appropriate charge.

To join, go to the Membership page.

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  • 2 thoughts on “Moulton Bicycle Club

    1. josephine

      I have a moulton stowaway Bradford on Avon serial number 6360 0001. Could anyone help me with year of manufactur & ballpark value please.

    2. The Bristol Bike Project

      Hello there!
      We have a small collection of mini moulton parts (almost 3 in total) that are looking for a good home. It would be great to see these parts/frames used and they are not likely to get used here at the project. Free to collect, although a donation to our project would be very much appreciated! For more info please email us at


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