Interbike 2009: New Moulton Model?

As in previous years, the Moulton stand at Interbike has featured  in the blogosphere. This year, only one bike has featured, and it looks like a new or a hybrid model, perhaps a prototype.

Bike Rumor refers to it as

$14,500 Moulton Speed stainless steel 20″ bike


As more people are riding bikes and forgoing their cars I guess we’ll see more of these ‘car priced’ bikes? What to do with all that extra money I’ll save by not driving a car…buy a bike priced like a car!

KOOWHO has some more detailed photos.

My interpretation of the limited information thus far, with the help of  the Moulton Bicycle Yahoo Group:

  • It is a hybrid model, based on an AM Speed S (stainless, non-separable).
  • Reynolds 953 stainless steel tubing
  • 20 inch/406 wheels
  • AM front forks, adapted for nominal 20 inch wheels.
  • New Series single diameter seat tube, unified rear triangle, and hydrolastic suspension.

Pictures from Bike Rumor, Single Track World and KOOWHO News : Interbike 2009

10 thoughts on “Interbike 2009: New Moulton Model?”

  1. Anyone any idea what this model is called?
    Is it the first of a new breed of 20″ wheeled AM retro bikes or just the ultimate SPEED S with just everything needed for the cometition rider?

    sounds quite expensive tho’

  2. It’s official name is The Moulton Speed. It weighs just over 19lbs currently. Campy Super Record group. It will be at London Cycle show for those of you in the UK. Yes wheels are 20″ 406. I don’t want to send it back. 😉


  3. I put that bike together and im proud of it, first pics I have seen from the show, can you see the blood sweat and tears? lol It was so nice to build and the finished product is like nothing else in my opinion…

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