Moulton TSR

The TSR was introduced in 2005 as the successor to the APB.

Prior to the creation of the Moulton Bicycle Company, the TSR was known as the Pashley Moulton TSR, and as the name suggests, was produced under licence by Pashley at their factory in Stratford upon Avon. Since the Moulton Bicycle Company was created, it is simply known as the Moulton TSR.
Unlike the more expensive range of bicycles built by Moulton at Bradford on Avon, such as the New Series and the AM models, the TSR was a lower cost, higher volume bicycle, in the tradition of the APB.

Some of the important features of the TSR are:

  • the frame tubing is primarily Reynolds 525, although some Dedacciai tubes have been used previously.
  • unified rear triangle, giving a smoother ride.
  • the countersunk pivot bolt allows a triple chainring to be fitted.
  • a large rear rack was available which was unlike any previous Moulton rack. Instead of being supported by a single strut from underneath, it employed two ties from the seat post binder bolt. It is also narrow, allowing easier transportation and storage. A large Carradice rear bag is available, which features a built in subframe. When the bag is attached to the frame, the support ties are pre-compressed, increasing the load that the rack can carry.
  • Models have been available with either V-brakes or caliper brakes. V-brake models allow greater clearance for wider tyres.
  • The TSR was the first Moulton model to feature a threadless headset.

Initially there were three TSR models available:

  • TSR 30 featuring Campagnolo 3 x 10 speed transmission and caliper brakes
  • TSR 27 featuring Dual Drive transmission and V-brakes
  • TSR 8 featuring an internally geared 8-speed Sturmey Archer hub. The first TSR 8 models had caliper brakes, but later models featured V-brakes.

Other TSR models which have been available are:

  • TSR 2 - a belt drive 2 speed kick back hub with coaster brake. The only cable on the bike is to the front brake, allowing the frame to be separated without having to separate any cables.
  • Moulton 50 - a special edition 4 speed bike featuring Fichtel & Sachs Duomatic hub and Schlumpf Speed Drive.
  • TSR 9 - a derailleur equipped 9 speed model with a single chainring, but with adequate frame fittings to allow upgrading to a front derailleur later.
  • TSR Tour SR - an upgraded version of the TSR 30 with touring specification, including Brooks saddle and bar tape.


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