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      As far as I know, any club member can organise a club ride. Just set a date and send the details to Ian Wright – this is essential so that club members on the ride are covered by CTC insurance. Go for it!

      Let me know and I can add the details to the calendar.

  1. Ian Wright

    Yes, it’s as simple as that but ideally use correct email address, unfortunately NOT, as advertised in current Moultoneer as needs to be rides@moultoneers.info I believe! Please also supply a mailing address so I can send the insurance cover note, so at least a weeks notice required. Cheers Ian

      1. Ian Wright

        This as ever is a midweek ride, but in addition there are a further two Sunday Rides in the SE from Cambridge this year. The first is actually next weekend, 28 June, a flat 50 mile ride. The second unfortunately coincides with the BoA weekend, arranged prior to the date being set, on 6 September and is a 35 mile ride circling Cambridge. Both rides start at 10am from the P&R site on Newmarket Road , Cambridge CB5 8AA. Further details from Ian Wright 07907774939 or email rides@moultoneers.info

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    Preston have a 21 mile ‘guild wheel’ purpose built cycle path round the city taking in some excellent sights.

    Happy to meet fellow moultoneers fir a ride.

    There are 3 regular moulton riders in Preston if you want to join.


  3. Profile photo of J AbbottJ Abbott

    Are there any Moultoneers based in and around York who would be interested in an autumnal ride?. My relatively new Moulton needs to get out more.

    1. Profile photo of Colin RoseColin Rose

      Contact me in a few weeks time and probably can sort something, I happily ride over in the York area. I usually ride with the Northern section from April to October and those rides are usually in cheshire. However I always put in a pennines run.

  4. Profile photo of EjwjnrEjwjnr

    Hi all,

    Any moultoneers planning a ride in the northern quarters?

    Myself and a good friend Tom will be riding Preston guild wheel (21mile circular route of the city, very scenic), in early spring.

    If interested please drop a reply, we will also have a pub stop along the way at the Continental Pub in Avenham Park Preston. Also a prefect rendezvous and starting point with free parking


    Hope to see a few members soon,


  5. Steve Minns

    Anyone in Norfolk/Suffolk interested in a ride, or maybe a café meet?
    Perhaps somewhere around the county border…………perhaps a café meet with ride starting from Earsham Hall café near Bungay?


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