Moultoneer Magazine

The Moultoneer is the magazine of the Moulton Bicycle Club, which is published three or four times per year.

Logged in members can download previous editions of The Moultoneer in PDF format.

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  • 9 thoughts on “Moultoneer Magazine

    1. Peter Rance

      I have rejoined the MBC after a gap of some years. Whilst I know that I can download pdfs of past Moultoneer Magazines, I would like paper copies if they are still available. My last ‘hardcopy’ was issue 82. Are any newer ones still around and if so at what cost?

      Thank you if help me.

      1. Profile photo of adminadmin Post author

        Back issues are available from Julian Kowalewski 33 Village Way Beckenham BR3 3NA. Include large SAE. I don’t know what they cost, and some issues are sold out.

        1. Mike Fairman

          Dear Julian

          I would like to obtain some back numbers of the Moultoneer I believe magazine numbers are 105 and 106 if you still have copies please inform me of costs and postage,

          I will send a cheque in payment by return

          Kind Regard Mike Fairman

    2. Profile photo of MK3MK3

      Hi there

      I have just paid to join Moulton club. I can’t seem to download past magazines. Can you tell me how I can do that?

    3. Steve Brett

      Hi , I joined the club a couple of weeks ago but haven’t had the recent copy of the mag delivered. Would it be possible to be sent the new issue?

    4. Profile photo of Phil MilburnPhil Milburn

      What a cliffhanger! I can’t wait to hear how Alan Redman got on doing the Fred Whitton Challenge on his AM Speed. I’ve done many of those Lakeland passes on my TSR, but I think the most would be three in one day. The idea of covering the lot in 12 hours fills me with, I’m gonna say…. horror.

      Roll on Moultoneer 113!


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