Technical Topics

This section contains some technical details on maintaning various bits of your Moulton. Many parts of a Moulton are just the same as "normal" bikes, but jobs like dismantling the suspension can be daunting the first time you try it!


Repair and renovation work should only be carried out by qualified people. If you do not have the experience and/or expertise to judge whether any procedures described in Masterclasses are correct, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THE JOB. The information given in Masterclass articles is intended to act as a reminder to capable people who are carrying out repair work. The authors, the Moulton Bicycle Club and its Officers accept no responsibility for work carried out by owners or their agents, whether that work is done in accordance with any information contained in these articles or not.

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  • 10 thoughts on “Technical Topics

    1. Tom Rowberry

      Could anyone help me to source new tyres and innertubes for a Moulton Minx? fitted with 14 x 1 3/8 inch wheels. The cycle was bought new by me for my daughter in the early seventies, fitted with front and rear suspension, sa three speed rear hub and intergral saddlebag frame. I would greatly appreciate any guidance your members may be able to give. Tom Rowberry

    2. Andrew Porter

      There appears to be no shortage of tyres and tubes in this size on EBAY. You might find it useful to search initially for “bicycle tyre”, which will bring up all sizes, then there should be an option to narrow down the search to your specific size. Also try a search for “moulton” and you’ll get complete bikes as well as tyres and other parts. Good luck.

    3. bill

      No; many years ago Dr M experimented with an AM converted to a recumbent. He decided not to pursue the concept, which is too bad for fans of recumbents. Somewhere on the web there are pictures.

    4. Tom Wade West

      Hello, I have a Moulton Mk3, 1970. It is in beautiful condition – to look at – but when I ride, the front suspension seems to ‘settle down’ and does not rebound until I get off the bike. When flexing the forks in the rest position, with no rider, the forks seem to rebound nicely. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    5. Steve Kerry

      Dear all,
      I am seriously struggling to find a lower bearing cup and race for a Moulton Standard that I am restoring for a friend. I’ve searched online (internationally), I’ve taken the bearing, forks and frame to local bike shops and this thing seems unique!
      About the headset:
      The cup outside diameter is approximately 36.2mm.
      The race’s inner diameter is approximately 29.2mm. Is anyone able to help me out with this please?
      I can’t wait to get it all back together and it’s the only major show-stopper.
      Many thanks,

    6. Leon Arundell

      Libricating the front suspension with anything other than molybdenum grease is supposed to make the rubber go soft. The best solution would be to replace the rubber. Cleaning the oil and/or grease off it may help.

    7. Profile photo of CraigCraig


      Trying to remove a stirrup from a 1992 APB, it seems to be quite stuck in there. The travel adjuster moves but cannot pull stirrup from steerer, damping links are removed. Anyone has any tips of ideas to try, great fully appreciated.



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